World Health Care

2005 West University Drive
Edinburg, Texas 78540

Phones: 956-318-1400
Fax: 956-318-0022



  • Organize, assist and/or lead teams to low income areas locally and to other countries.
  • Subsequently establish sponsorships for higher learning.
  • Provide assistance to nurses in training.
  • Provide assistance for young doctors.
  • World Health Care Foundation share the experience of working with under-privilege people in thirld world countries
  • Solicit monetary donations, medical, dental, and surgical supplies and equipment
  • Solicitation will be from individuals, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, health care facilities, and from any other available sources
  • Checking EyesOphthalmology services provided:
    • Vision screening for cataracts and glasses
    • Eye pressure checking for glaucoma
    • Diabetic rethinopathy
    • Screen for other eye diseases
    • Screen for eye diseases related to systemic disorders
  • Blood Pressure testing
  • Diabetes Testing
  • Exams for ear, nose and throat will also be provided
  • Surgical procedures as needed
  • Physical exams
  • Other services will be provided as physicians will be available
Pressure taking Pressure Taking
Stanley taking patient's Blood Pressure We are ready to take your Blood Pressure!
Robert and Bertha Drew from Zeeland MI
volunteering their services